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Remote Area

our prefab cube is light (one flatpack is only 1500kgs, well finished and equipped. Easy to be transported), the installation is easy, no heavy equipment required, so It’s the best or even the only choice for some projects in remote areas.

Projects in remote areas will request better cost too. It’s also difficult to get any building materials, so better to prefabricated the project in the workshop and at the same time, easy to transport the house to the site, all above problems solved by our prefab cube.

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Our customers are often interested in the prefabrication and keen to know all the details in order to help them understand the whole product and especially to know exactly how will they do during the installation. We have ERP system for the whole workflow from the design to packing & shipping, it can help us to know the whole prefabrication progress and control all materials & parts, and to avoid any mistakes…we also warmly welcome all customers to come and visit our fabrication workshop.

Innovative Solutions

In Year 2007, we created a unique flatpack roof system Using injected PU foam as core material, which solved the problem of the balance between the tightness, the strength and the full prefabrication in the factory.

We are also the first one to use FrameCAD system to design and manufacture the light gauge steel villa in China.

We have more than 100 patents for different parts or technology innovations, such as the wall panel clips, the skirting, the corner parts…

CBC’s design and research activity applies BIM system and Autodesk Revit software. As China Wholesale Container House For Remote Area and Container House For Remote Area.Based on relevant information and requirements of the project, we establish a building model to simulate the real information about the building through digital information simulation. what’s more, we can easily present details and 3D renderings of our company’s products to all clients.

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