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Expandable Container House

Expandable is based on flatpack but can be extended the building area from both sides. The main part of an expandable is a 20ft or 40ft flatpack, but with folded roof, wall and base on both sides when packed. When arrives in the site, two sides can be open and connected, so extra space on both sides will be made. A 20ft flatpack container house has only around 14sqm building area, but a 20ft expandable has around 36sqm.

But expandable cannot be stacked or even difficult to be combined, it normally used as a single house with two to four bedrooms plus bathroom and living area.

The Expandable Container House is full prefabricated in workshop, all structure well connected, wall and roof panels are well installed, doors and windows are pre-set in the wall panels, plumbing and electricals are embedded and ready to use, floor and ceiling are finished, only need to fix some connections, flashings and shirting onsite.

Expandable Container House


20ft dimensions 

Expanded Size: 6400*5850*2530 mm; Folded Size: 5850*2200*2530 mm

40ft dimensions

Expanded Size: 6400*11800*2530 mm; Folded Size: 11800*2250*2530 mm

Steel Frame

Cold rolled Q345B steel frames, galvanized and painted, roof /floor frame beams are in 2.5~3.0 mm thickness.

Color Choices 

White, Red, Black, Grey or any other RAL color 

Wall and Roof panel

50/75 mm EPS / PU sandwich panel, all fixed and only need to expand and connect them together.


Steel frame + MGO board or fiber cement board + PVC floor, all finished installation in our workshop.


Double glazed PVC window / aluminum alloy window 

Window screen is optional 


Aluminum alloy glass door / wooden door / PVC sliding door and steel door etc. 


Shower, Toilet, Wash Basin, Towel Rack, Mirror, Paper box, pre-installed


cupboard “I” or “L” shape with washing basin, with white Quartz stone countertop, assemble onsite.

Electric system

Switch, socket, lamp, light, waterproof socked, distribution box etc. all pre-installed only need to connect onsite

 (Australia standard, American standard, French standard, Chinese standard, European standard etc.)

Max. Wind load

110 km/h


8 grades


Packing and transportation

The expandable can be folded during transportation, which makes it cost saving. We can fold the two side parts into the main center part, make it a 20ft or 40ft SOC box, put other components inside the SOC box then load into shipping container. In this way, each SOC box is one unit of expandable, so you can find all components easily onsite. Or if any delay of the project, you can also put the SOC box in warehouse or in the site, there will be no mess up or damage, no accessory will get lost either.

SOC packing of expandable container house Loading: can lift and push into the shipping container directly. When arrives on the site, can be pulled out easily. Towing of the expandable packages: the expandable can be lift and transported directly. There are container corner fittings which can be locked onto the truck to make sure the safety during transportation.

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Finding A One-Stop Solution Is Our Ultimate Goal!

CBC’s design and research activity applies BIM system and Autodesk Revit software. As China Wholesale Expandable Container House Suppliers and Expandable Container House Manufacturers.Based on relevant information and requirements of the project, we establish a building model to simulate the real information about the building through digital information simulation. what’s more, we can easily present details and 3D renderings of our company’s products to all clients.

Innovative Solutions

In Year 2007, we created a unique flatpack roof system Using injected PU foam as core material, which solved the problem of the balance between the tightness, the strength and the full prefabrication in the factory.

We are also the first one to use FrameCAD system to design and manufacture the light gauge steel villa in China.

We have more than 100 patents for different parts or technology innovations, such as the wall panel clips, the skirting, the corner parts…

Product Knowledge

An expandable container house, also known as a modular container house, is a type of dwelling that utilizes shipping containers as its primary building blocks. These container houses are designed to be easily transported, assembled, and expanded to provide flexible living spaces. The concept of using shipping containers for housing has gained popularity in recent years due to their cost-effectiveness, durability, and sustainability.
The main idea behind an expandable container house is that it can be expanded or contracted based on the specific needs of the occupants. This flexibility allows for easy customization and adaptation to different living situations. The expansion feature typically involves the use of additional container modules that can be added to the existing structure, creating more living space as needed.
Here are some key features and benefits of expandable container houses:
Mobility: Expandable container houses are designed to be transportable, making them suitable for temporary or portable housing solutions. They can be easily moved from one location to another, allowing occupants to take their homes with them if they need to relocate.
Cost-effectiveness: Using shipping containers as the main building material for a house can be more affordable compared to traditional construction methods. The containers are readily available, and their standardized dimensions make it easier and cheaper to transport and stack them.
Quick assembly: Expandable container houses are prefabricated structures, meaning that they are built off-site in a factory and then transported to the desired location for assembly. This construction method significantly reduces the construction time, allowing for a faster move-in process.
Eco-friendly: By repurposing shipping containers, expandable container houses promote recycling and minimize waste. Additionally, some designs incorporate sustainable features such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and energy-efficient insulation, reducing the environmental impact of the dwelling.
Versatility: Expandable container houses can be designed to suit various purposes, including residential homes, offices, classrooms, emergency shelters, and more. The modular nature of the containers allows for easy customization and adaptation to different needs and requirements.

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