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Detachable Container House

Detachable is a cost-saving version of flatpack. We change the roof insulation to glass wool or rockwool, make them into small pieces and can be easily assembled onsite, we‘ll send all steel members prefabricated with connections ready to be bolt together, we provide also very detailed assemble instructions.

Detachable Container House




External Dimensions(L*W"H)

L6000*W3000*H2700mm; L12000*W3000*H2700mm; or customized dimensions for special projects

Main frame

2.2~3mm thick Q355 low alloy carbon galvanized cold rolled profiled steel, to be assembled onsite

Wall panel

Sandwich panel with 0.4mm color bond steel on both sides, Core material options: EPS/Glass wool/ Rock wool/PU

Thickness options: 50/75/100mm

Roof panel

Sandwich panel with 0.4mm color bond steel on both sides, Core material options: Glass wool/ Rock wool

Thickness: 70~100mm


Cement fiber board / MGO board + PVC


Sliding window with alu. Or PVC frame: 980*1150mm

Option: fly screen, security steel bar, rolling blind


Security door/Sandwich panel door/alu. Frame glass door: 960*2080mm


6 sets in a 20GP, 12 sets in a 40HQ


Red, white, black, blue or customized

Corner post

T=4.5mm cold rolled steel profile, galvanized, full welded, dimension is 160mm*160mm


Light, Switch, Socket, distribution box, breaker and wire


Baking paint spray molding on well-polished galvanized steel

Technical parameter

Resistant temperature

-40ºC to 40ºC

Wind resistance


Earthquake resistance

Grade 8





CBC Detachable Container House



Other Brand



Steel Structure

G355 galvanized steel beams in thickness 2.3~3mm, high structure strength and durability



G235 steel beams with only painting and thinner steel materials used, low structure strength and durability



Electrical System

pre-installed in the roof and wall panels, save construction time and cost



need to be installed onsite, cause extra onsite labor cost and more problems



Window & Door

pre-installed in the wall panels, save onsite labor cost



need to be installed onsite, cause extra onsite labor cost



Steel Treatment

Advanced sand blasting equipment line, improve painting adhesion and durability



outsourced processing or no pretreatment, low painting adhesion and durability




Advanced automatically painting line to ensure good painting quality



outsourced or manually, cannot ensure the painting quality



advanced paint technology, water-based painting available, environment friendly



only oil-based painting, more pollution to the environment




30-70% as per client’s requirement, save onsite labor cost



around 30% or only loosen parts available, extra site labor cost




two-dimensional code component tracking system can effectively manage each component



No label or very simple label, can’t track every component



Fast Installation

4 workers could install 1 units in one day. Offering installation manuals, videos guidance, or send people to support.



Need many workers on site to sort out materials and install. no installation manual, videos guidance, couldn’t send people overseas.



Packing & Delivery

special steel racks to protect materials within the shipping container during the long-distance transportation


no packing frame, easy to cause damage, no guarantee what you can get.



Packing and transportation

Packing and transportation

We use steel rack to pack all components including the steel frames, corner parts, wall panels and other accessories.
All materials are well organized to avoid any missing or damage, you can sort out the materials onsite easily which will save you a lot of time and cost

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Finding A One-Stop Solution Is Our Ultimate Goal!

CBC’s design and research activity applies BIM system and Autodesk Revit software. As China Wholesale Detachable Container House Suppliers and Detachable Container House Manufacturers.Based on relevant information and requirements of the project, we establish a building model to simulate the real information about the building through digital information simulation. what’s more, we can easily present details and 3D renderings of our company’s products to all clients.

Innovative Solutions

In Year 2007, we created a unique flatpack roof system Using injected PU foam as core material, which solved the problem of the balance between the tightness, the strength and the full prefabrication in the factory.

We are also the first one to use FrameCAD system to design and manufacture the light gauge steel villa in China.

We have more than 100 patents for different parts or technology innovations, such as the wall panel clips, the skirting, the corner parts…

Product Knowledge

A detachable container house with roof insulation made of glass wool or rockwool is a practical and efficient solution for easy assembly and disassembly onsite. Glass wool and rockwool are commonly used insulation materials due to their excellent thermal and acoustic properties.
In this concept, the roof insulation is divided into small pieces, which can be easily handled and assembled at the construction site. This approach allows for convenient transportation and installation, especially in areas where access may be limited or challenging.
The detachable container house itself consists of modular units that can be assembled and disassembled relatively quickly. These units typically include the main structure, walls, floors, and the roof. By incorporating detachable features, the house can be easily transported, moved, or reconfigured as needed.
To assemble the detachable container house with roof insulation, the modular units are aligned and secured using appropriate connectors and fasteners. The insulation pieces, whether made of glass wool or rockwool, are then fitted and installed within the roof structure. These insulation materials effectively trap air, reducing heat transfer and providing excellent thermal insulation for the house.
By using glass wool or rockwool as insulation, the detachable container house offers enhanced energy efficiency, as these materials have high R-values (thermal resistance values) that help minimize heat loss or gain. Additionally, they provide sound insulation, reducing external noise for a more comfortable living environment.
Overall, the combination of a detachable container house and roof insulation made of glass wool or rockwool offers a versatile, transportable, and energy-efficient housing solution that can be easily assembled and disassembled onsite.

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