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Life is like a container house, you never know how wonderful
it could be until you open the door.

  • Flatpack Container House

    Flatpack Container House

    Flatpack is a kind of container house consists by container roof, container base, four columns and wall panels. We have prefabricated all above parts in our factory, so the container roof will be integrated one piece with PU foam for insulation, with electrical system embedded and ready for connecting.

  • Detachable Container House

    Detachable Container House

    Detachable is a cost-saving version of flatpack. We change the roof insulation to glass wool or we’ll make them into small pieces and can be easily assembled onsite, well send all steel members prefabricated with connections ready to be bolt together, we provide also very detailed assemble instructions.

  • Expandable Container House

    Expandable Container House

    Expandable is based on flatpack but can be extended the building area. The main part of an expandable is a 20ft or 40ft flatpack, but with folded roof, wall and base on both sides when packed. When arrives in the site, two sides can be open and connected, so extra space on both sides will be made.

  • Smart Container House

    Smart Container House

    Smart Container House is the luxury version of the expandable Container House, it can be expanded also, but we made it in different layout, with different structure system, different wall and roof system, also with better outside and inside finishing.

  • Metal Container House

    Metal Container House

    we use second hand shipping container or brand-new shipping container as the main frame, we amend it by adding doors and windows or combining different units into large space, decorating the interior using LSF system with plaster board and glass wool insulation, installing the sanitary, electrical and furniture inside as per client’s detail requirements.

  • LSF Modular Container House

    LSF Modular Container House

    LSF modular is very flexible for space design, they are all customized main on detail project requirements. We will use heavy steel frame as the mail frame so the container house can be lift and transported, use light gauge steel as wall and roof frame, plus plaster board and other decorative wall panels, with glass wool insulation to fill. We pre-install the doors, windows, plumbing, electrical, sanitary, flooring, ceiling…make each unit full prefabricated.


Finding A One-Stop Solution Is Our Ultimate Goal!

CBC’s design and research activity applies BIM system and Autodesk Revit software. As China Portable Housing Manufacturers and Afforable Container Homes Suppliers.Based on relevant information and requirements of the project, we establish a building model to simulate the real information about the building through digital information simulation. what’s more, we can easily present details and 3D renderings of our company’s products to all clients.

Quality Unsurpassed

We have a very strict QC system, our company standards are far more higher than the National standards.

The steel we are using is a high-strength steel plate, galvanized for long life. steel coil for the sandwich panel is Aluminum zinc magnesium (AMZ) galvanized in 100g/m2 plus PE baking finish in 20/5um, which can more than 25 years

We are also using the advanced design software to make sure all buildings apply to local standards, we provide also lifetime mantaince consult service.

Full range products

The only full range of container houses supplier. We are providing full range of modular container houses from low-cost temporary detachable container house to high tech LSF modular pods. So, our business covers most of the construction sections.

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