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LSF Modular Container House

LSF modular is very flexible for space design, they are all customized based on detail project requirements.

We will use heavy steel frame as the mail frame so the container house can be lift and transported, use light gauge steel as wall and roof frame, plus plaster board and other decorative wall panels, with glass wool insulation to fill. We pre-install the doors, windows, plumbing, electrical, sanitary, flooring, ceiling…make each unit full prefabricated.

We will make lock-lock system for each unit so they can be joint together and make sure the whole structure system of the entire building is safe. The whole construction program is just like a LEGO.

LSF Modular Container House


LSF Modular Container House are made for permanent house projects, so the structure needs to be durable and strong. We separate the building into many small units and use our LSF system to prefabricate all units, then connect them together and finish the building quickly.

It should have very good balance between the building design and designs for each small LSF modular units. The LSF modular units should be strong enough by itself so it could be convenient for transportation, easy to be handled onsite and can be firmly connected and fixed and at the same time: they should satisfy the building design and apply to the building code.


CBC have professional engineers team with more than 10 years project experience, we are using BIM system to manage the designs and using FrameCAD system to design and prefab the LSF.


Typical wall section details: 27mm embossed PU sandwich external cladding, with OSB board for structure strengthen on Q550 light gauge zinc-galvanized steel frame with glass wool insulation, interior will be plaster board cladding. Above just our standard arrangements and more options are available.

We have the highest quality standard for the LSF Modular Container House from the design to materials and production till installation:

  • Typical wall section details

    27mm embossed PU sandwich external cladding, with OSB board for structure strengthen on Q550 light gauge zinc-galvanized steel frame with glass wool insulation, interior will be plaster board cladding. Above just our standard arrangements and more options are available

  • Internal wall

    LGS wall frame with glass wool insulation, both sides with plaster board cladding and finished painting, for wet areas use fiber cement board to replace the plaster board with wall tiles and water proof treatment. Actually, for interior wall decoration we will have different options such as PVC wall panels, bamboo wall panels, MDF wall panels…all well finished and can imitate timber, brick or stone…

  • Roof

    We will use color bond steel tile upon LSF roof structure with glass wool insulation, interior will be plaster board ceiling. Other options also available such as sandwich panel, PVC ceiling, fiber cement for wet areas

  • Floor

    Timber floor upon fiber cement floor deck, customized H profile steel frame with LSF chassis frame with insulation.


Packing and transportation

The LSF Modular Container House will be transported in loose cargo, cause most of them are customized designs instead of in standard size. Normally we will have the lifting points for handling or they should be handled by special equipment.


Finding A One-Stop Solution Is Our Ultimate Goal!

CBC’s design and research activity applies BIM system and Autodesk Revit software. As China Wholesale Modular House Manufacturers and Prefab Modular Camp Suppliers.Based on relevant information and requirements of the project, we establish a building model to simulate the real information about the building through digital information simulation. what’s more, we can easily present details and 3D renderings of our company’s products to all clients.

Innovative Solutions

In Year 2007, we created a unique flatpack roof system Using injected PU foam as core material, which solved the problem of the balance between the tightness, the strength and the full prefabrication in the factory.

We are also the first one to use FrameCAD system to design and manufacture the light gauge steel villa in China.

We have more than 100 patents for different parts or technology innovations, such as the wall panel clips, the skirting, the corner parts…

Product Knowledge

The LSF (Light Steel Frame) modular container house is a type of prefabricated housing solution that combines the durability and structural integrity of light steel frame construction with the portability and flexibility of shipping containers. It is designed to provide a quick and efficient housing option that can be easily transported and assembled on-site.
Here are some key features and characteristics of LSF modular container houses:
Construction: The house is built using a light steel frame, which consists of galvanized steel columns, beams, and joists. This framework provides strength and stability to the structure.
Shipping container integration: LSF modular container houses typically utilize one or more standard-sized shipping containers as part of the overall design. The containers serve as building blocks and can be combined to create larger living spaces or stacked to create multi-story structures.
Customization and flexibility: The modular nature of these houses allows for flexible floor plans and easy customization. The containers can be modified to include doors, windows, insulation, plumbing, and electrical systems according to specific requirements.
Portability: LSF modular container houses can be transported easily using standard shipping methods, such as trucks, ships, or rail. This makes them suitable for remote or temporary housing solutions, disaster relief efforts, or construction sites where temporary accommodations are needed.
Quick assembly: Compared to traditional construction methods, LSF modular container houses can be assembled relatively quickly. The prefabricated components are manufactured off-site, which reduces construction time and labor costs.
Durability: The combination of light steel frame construction and shipping container integration results in a durable and robust structure that can withstand various weather conditions. It also offers good resistance to pests, fire, and corrosion.
Sustainability: LSF modular container houses are considered environmentally friendly due to their efficient use of materials. The repurposing of shipping containers reduces waste, and the steel frame can be recycled. These houses can also incorporate energy-efficient features, such as insulation and solar panels, to minimize energy consumption.

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