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Flatpack Container House is a type of pre-fabricated building

Flatpack container house is a type of pre-fabricated building, which is usually consists of steel structure system and sandwich panel. It is mainly used as temporary building.
Compared with the civil building, flat pack container houses are easy to install and low cost. They can be made to different shapes, sizes, and colors, and can be combined to make a bigger space. They are also convenient to transport, and can be installed by six workers in 30 minutes.

They are a good solution for disaster relief. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and strong winds.
In addition, they are environmentally friendly because they use recycled shipping containers. They also reduce waste and require less energy to build.
These houses can be easily transported and are lightweight. They can be adapted to meet different needs, and are also highly durable.
These homes are popular among homeowners. They are affordable and can be designed to suit the needs of any family. However, they do require some planning and preparation before construction begins. Some of the key considerations include location, design, insulation, plumbing and electrical systems, and building permits and regulations.

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